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About our company

The government's demand for precise data management systems is at an all time high. Proper management of information can be the difference between success and failure in business, with higher levels of severity when applied to national security. We have direct experience implementing solutions with Oracle, Sybase, Netezza, MS SQL Server products, to mention a few, within mission-critical environments. However our support does not stop there....

The majority of our subject matter experts are certified in their given concentrations. We have worked with the top defense contractors in the world, and have carved a unique niche for our services through years of experience. We have direct experience with large government projects with a mixture of legacy and modern systems needing collaboration.

Our experts will analyze systems through customized approaches, implement strategies, and deliver the product on schedule. Our proprietary discovery techniques enable visualization of mission critical environments and ensure customer satisfaction.


We provide comprehensive support for the data repository backbone. This includes a focus on data management and security through designing a customized architecture based on requirements. We will evaluate disparate systems, make strategic recommendations, and execute the plan. Cerebral will build a solution including all necessary deterrents, and support the environment via a customized Operations and Maintenance plan ensuring satisfaction.

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